Bavaria without traditional costumes is like "a beer without foam"!

More than 15 years ago Wolfgang Zeilinger, a passionate guy from Munich with Austrian roots,
had the idea for the lederhosenshop while he had exactly this: a beer without foam.

Angered by cheap imports without tradition and quality, he developed this online portal,
to give everyone in Bavaria and in the world the possibility to rent an original Lederhosen or a
nice dirndl in many colors and lengths and with all that goes with it!

Whether you have a corporate party at the Oktoberfest, a Bavarian countryside wedding, a raft trip or
you just go to a beergarden with friends or family, you will find your favorite Lederhosen or Dirndl!
...including brogues, socks or the perfect accessory.

Our traditional costumes are of course also available in children's sizes, so that the children can also be part of the Bavarian cosiness.

We deliver whereever and how long you want - and within Munich we also pick them up again!

Unless you do not want to miss the real Bavarian feeling anymore,
then you can also buy "YOUR" costume for a special price!

Pick-Up during the Oktoberfest:
Monday - Friday 9am-4pm,
Saturday & Sunday 9am-2pm
apart from those times we are open by telephone agreement!